Payments and Bonds

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Cash bonds may be acceptable; a minimum of $300 for Utes, $500 for Cars and Vans, $1,500 for Trucks is required. In addition to the bond, rental must be paid in advance. A greater cash bond may be required for under 25-year-old drivers, drivers with overseas licences, certain destinations or vehicle types. Cash renters must have current documented proof of residential address and employment (other than Driver's Licence). Where Driver's Licence does not contain a photograph of the driver, a passport or similar identification will be required.

Licence and Age Requirement

We accept current Australian Driver's licences. International and overseas licences may be accepted at the discretion of the Owner. Unfortunately we are unable to insure drivers of under 21 years of age. Learner drivers and drivers with less than 12 months experience as a licences driver are not permitted to drive the vehicle at any time.


Rates include insurance, subject to the terms and conditions on the Rental Agreement. A non-waiverable liability applies. Insurance does not cover overhead or underbody damage to any vehicle or drivers not listed on the Rental Agreement.

Rental Period

A rental day consists of 24 hours. All extensions must be pre-authorised. Late returns will be charged at 1/3rd of the daily rate for each hour beyond the agreed return time.

Area and Kilometers

Area of use will be requested from you at commencement of the rental. Unless otherwise specified on the Rental Agreement, vehicles may be driven within 500km of the rental depot. All extensions to the area of use must be pre-authorised and an additional charge may apply. Daily kilometre allowances and excess kilometre charges are available on request.


Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. Where vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel the Hirer will be charged for fuel. An additional refuelling charge may apply.

One Way Rentals

Not available.

Vehicle Return

A vehicle inspection will be carried out by the Owner as soon as possible after you return the vehicle. You are responsible for any new damages found upon vehicle inspection.


Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.

The Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement between you and Hire n Hire will consist of:

Part A The part containing your details and the vehicle details.

Part B The part containing the Owner’s Terms & Conditions.

You should read the whole of Part A and Part B before signing your Rental Agreement.


All the charges are subject to GST.

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Rental Agreement – Part B for a complete statement of the owner’s Terms and Conditions. The Rental Agreement is available at Hire n Hire’s office.